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SDT Ultrasound Solutions
SDT provides ultrasound solutions that help our customers gain a better understanding about the health of their factory. We help them predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall reliability of their assets. Follow SDT Ultrasound Solutions on LinkedIn

  1. November 20, 2021

    In this Issue - Allan Rienstra talks social proof and reliability, Vigilant helps wind farmers monitor their slow speed bearings, Peter Phillips discusses challenges arising from the digitalization of maintenance, and we review some of our top LinkedIn posts from the past month.

  2. November 11, 2021

    A digital revolution is upon us. As of right now, tradespeople require ever-improving skills just to keep pace with the rapid digitalization of modern maintenance strategies. Improving all around digital skills and familiarizing tradespeople with new maintenance technologies is the most important factor for reliability teams adapting modern maintenance best practices. Join Peter on the next episode of Ultrasound... Beyond the Essentials when he will be discussing these topics.

  3. October 05, 2021

    In October's edition of the We Hear More Newsletter we feature the next addition to the Ultrasound... Beyond the Essentials Series, Best Practices for monitoring Steam Traps, the SonaVu InSights™ App, and our next Level One Class!

  4. May 18, 2021

    Join us Wednesday May 19th at 10:00am EST when Robert Dent, Sales Manager for SDT Ultrasound Solutions, hosts a live presentation & demonstration of the new Vigilant system.

  5. May 04, 2021

    From the power generation facility to eventual points of use, the transmission and distribution of electricity includes many waypoints. Along the way, the job of supporting and separating electrical conductors without allowing current to pass through falls upon the polymeric insulator.

  6. April 08, 2021

    Attaining certificate status in any discipline must be considered an important goal for both employees and employers alike. A certificate testifies that an employee has gained a level of competence in a particular skill.