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A Vigilant Approach to Reliability

May 18, 2021

A Vigilant Approach to Reliability

Join us Wednesday May 19th at 10:00am EST when Robert Dent, Sales Manager for SDT Ultrasound Solutions, hosts a live presentation & demonstration of the new Vigilant system.

Medieval Maintenance

Vigilant is a condition monitoring solution combining the versatility of ultrasound with the analytics of vibration. Vigilant’s embedded trending and analysis software is accessed via a standard web browser. It bidirectionally communicates via OPC or Modbus TCP. This small device hosts a ton of powerful features to keep your assets monitored and key personnel notified if problems arise.

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SDT Ultrasound Solutions
SDT provides ultrasound solutions that help our customers gain a better understanding about the health of their factory. We help them predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to the overall reliability of their assets. Follow SDT Ultrasound Solutions on LinkedIn