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We Hear More - Volume 2 - Issue 7

October 05, 2021

A Message from Allan Rienstra

Join me on Wednesday, October 6th at 11AM ET for Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials: Prescribing Bearing Lubrication Based on Friction, not Fiction!

Machinery lubrication remains the single biggest factor in affecting and prolonging asset reliability. Getting it right contributes to a long, trouble-free service life. But get it wrong, as so many do, and expect unplanned breakdowns, reactive firefighting, drained resources, and a culture of unreliability.

There was a time not too long ago, when machinery lubrication was a job performed by experts; By a person – or a team of people – who understood every asset’s complexity, and the effects lubrication had for each machine. The “Lube Technician” was arguably the most important contributor to reliability.

Lube techs, with their finger on the pulse of the plant, administered the oily “life blood” which flowed through its veins. They understood what happened when this task was performed poorly. They knew that without control and discipline the chance to imbue precision results was scant. To get the most life possible from a machine they knew they had to “Grease Bearings Right.”

Register for the event using the link below. You can join our meeting through the SDT.Training Dashboard!

Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials: Prescribing Bearing Lubrication Based on Friction, not Fiction

Featured Article: Best Practices for Inspecting Steam Traps with Paul Klimuc

Do your steam traps run hot and quiet? They better! In this article, Paul Klimuc discusses the best practices for inspecting steam traps using ultrasound, what to listen for, and how to not get burned!

Featured Product: SonaVu InSights™ App

SonaVu™ is a multi-frequency acoustic imaging camera… and now it has a reporting app!

SonaVu InSights™ is a browser-based app for monitoring the condition of compressed air systems and electrical assets, documenting findings, and prioritizing maintenance and repairs.

Key Product Features

  • Upload and store unlimited ultrasound and acoustic imaging data fast.
  • Generate in-depth reports in the blink of an eye.
  • Calculate Cost Savings Impact caused by compressed air leaks.
  • Organize, search and filter through your Image & Report library based on title, cost savings impact, notes, location, reporting technician, part number/asset, “repeat offenders”, date & time, repair status, and production process powered.
  • Continuously integrate team discussion into a single living report.

Hear more about this powerful reporting software here!

Live Online Level One Returns October 19th

Earn your Level One Ultrasound Certification from SDT Ultrasound Solutions.

At SDT Ultrasound Solutions, our mission is to deliver research-based knowledge that condition monitoring practitioners can trust.

You’ll learn the basics of ultrasound and ultrasound condition monitoring, the very best practices for monitoring each of the 8 Pillars of Ultrasound, how to use SDT Ultrasound equipment, and much more! But don’t take our word for it… Doug Stangier, former Live Online Level One Student had this to say about the class!

If you are serious about learning how to utilize ultrasound to enhance your predictive maintenance programs you need to check out this training for Level 1 certification. I was the first to take the training with this online format and I have to tell you it was an awesome experience. The trainer, the materials the content were second to none and it was also a fun and interactive way to learn. I strongly feel that any one in the field of maintenance and reliability needs to add this to their training schedules for themselves and their teams. SDT has knocked it out of the park with this LIVE Online Level 1 Certification program.

Hear more about our Level One Training Course here!

Featured LinkedIn Posts

If you’ve made it this far down you really should be following us on LinkedIn.

We post daily tips and tricks for the condition monitoring tech, technical and applications blogs, polls to test your knowledge, case studies, and much more! Here are our two featured posts from the past month!

This post highlights the importance of early fault detection on your most critical assets, and ultrasounds ability to detect faults before any other condition monitoring technology!

This post details tips for how to effectively create and organize an asset database.

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