Find Condenser Tube Leaks with Ultrasound

Identifying Condenser Tube Leaks with an SDT270 Ultrasound Detector

Case Study – AB Brown Power Plant, Mt. Vernon, Indiana

By Allan Rienstra, SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Data and situational contributions provided by Bill Phipps, Production Manager, Vectren Corporation

Executive Summary

Power Generation facilities aim to run at maximum output during uptime and manage downtime such that it has a minimal effect on efficiency.
Turbine efficiency is negatively impacted by tube leaks in the condenser. Leaks cause contamination of pure water used for steam. When contaminant counts reach alarm states pressure must be lowered reducing output. The turbine continues to run in a low capacity mode until the leaks are found and isolated.
Results Engineers must choose between:

  • Treating the symptoms with a system flush or
  • Fixing the problem by finding leaking tubes and plugging them, thereby removing them from service.

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